Charter Renewal

This page includes audio, documents, meeting minutes, presentations, etc. -- as they pertain to the Adams 12 decision on whether or not to renew Stargate's Charter in 2018.

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This site was established to bring parents together who are seeking to change the environment of discrimination, sexual harassment, assault, retaliation, favoritism and unjust practices that have adversely affected students, their families & staff in Stargate Charter School.

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08-16-1256 - Twice Exceptional Student


08-17-1155 - Discrimination in Discipline


08-17-1218 - Discrimination in Admissions


08-17-1353 - Sexual Assault


08-17-1361 - Retaliation Against a Teacher


08-17-1374 - Sexual Harassment by a Coach


08-18-1235 - Improper use of restraint


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Audio of Superintendent on Stargate in June 2017